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The PASSA Manager of the Year Award


Our Board of Director Members consider several areas of job performance including commitment to leadership, creativity, high occupancy rates or occupancy growth, low delinquencies, community involvement, and overall business practices when choosing the winner. 

2023 PASSA Manager of the Year Nominations are now closed.




The PASSA would like to recognize one of our Pennsylvania self storage managers that has gone above and beyond for their storage customers and team.  


2022 PASSA Managers of the Year


Anthony Frantzis, Storage Sense-York 


Shelly Reiff, Moove In - Manheim         



2021 PASSA Manager of the Year Honored

Carlos Fuentes, Axis Self Storage Reading

2021 PASSA Manager of the Year Carlos Fuentes with Norm Shore and Ed DiMarcantonio


Excerpt taken from Carlos' nomination form:

As the owner the company Carlos does not report directly to me but our general manager, but as owner I often get involved in after hour issues, emergencies and bad weather conditions.  Carlos joined Axis  over 15 years ago as a maintenance person. At Axis we cross train our maintenance men on Sitelink just in case they ever need to take a payment or rent a unit. Carlos was the lead maintenance man and was fully capable in all aspects of storage from changing springs and latches to driving a snow plow or adjusting a electric gate. But it seem that every time I would happen to be on the site where Carlos was working he was always off not performing his maintenance task but was helping a tenant, taking a payment or helping translate for one of our many Hispanic customers.  When a management position at our Reading facility came open unexpectedly we asked him to take the position. Like everything else we ask Carlos over the years his answer was the same positive answer of "Sure"! For over ten years now Carlos drives over an hour each way to manage one of our busiest and with the most diverse culture make up. Along with this facility of over 400 units he manages three other remote facilities of over 300 units at the same time. He is an excellent worker who has the complete confidence and trust of ownership. If there is an after hour emergency he is often asked to go out and night to check a site. No matter what location he never turns down a request for help. He is willing to take phone calls to help translate from Spanish to English even on his day off. And he has no problem to jump in a truck and help plow show when the bad weather arrives. He is a joy to work with as he always is upbeat with a positive attitude. He is clearly  an award winner for us. 


2020 PASSA Manager of the Year Honored


Congratulations to 2020 PASSA Manager of the Year

Stan Roof, Kwik Stor Self Storage

Excerpt taken from one of three nomination forms: 

"Stan is an incredible individual to work with. He has adapted from the "mom and pop" mentality of a manager where you need to give everything away to a customer to a modern day manager using all of the technology we have for the betterment of his customers and the facility. I will give you a prime example, when I 1st started working with Stan and we were talking about offering tenant insurance and he was like, they will never take it. The customer will walk out the door. Well we started and the store was averaging 80& policies but no real upgraded ones. We worked thru out the year and in the 4th quarter the new polices were averaging 93% of new rentals, but the upgraded policies were averaging 91%!!! Also, we implemented the Veritec program for value pricing and in the beginning same old story, would not work. But over time this program also had a major impact in the overall development of the store. This store has always been a highly occupied store, December 2018 they had 71,210 occupied square feet for 94.1%, December 2019 we were actually down 746 square feet for the year, HOWEVER we all know the name of the game is revenue, the effective rate after concessions GREW $3,391.00 per month. So lower occupied square forage (not by much) but higher rates are a win win for everyone!!! Plus, we have units to rent!!!! Stan has been at this store for 12 years and has developed an amazing relationship with the customers and community. Now he comes to work and is excited to see how many units he has to rent, how many rate increases he can send out. One comment he made was "Now that I understand the reports and the programs, it is easier for him to sell the product to his customers!

Stan is the proud Father of 3 and Grandfather of 5 and married to his best friend Cindy. He was a fire chief for 8 years and firefighter for 20, he is also an ordained minister, and president of the Baron Stiegel Lions Club for 2 years. Previously, he worked for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts for 15 years and is retired from Conestoga Valley School District, Stan is currently working for Murrell Court Partners (Kwik Stor Self Storage) for 12 years he has helped grow the business at this facility. He also runs two other facilities out of the Kwik Stor Office. We run the Ephrata Self Storage and the Susquehanna Valley Self Storage remotely from the Kwik Stor office. He also finds time for his favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, hunt, fish, and collect guns. Blessed each and every day to have such an amazing family, Stan loves the fact that he can go to work and actually enjoy doing what he does and love the owners and managers. Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen to you."



PASSA Manager of the Year Announced at the 2019 Spring Annual Meeting and Conference  


Congratulations to 2019 PASSA Manager of the Year - Theresa Bahnemann, STORExpress of Murrysville 



Theresa has been with STORExpress for 5 years starting as an assistant and taking control of Murrysville for the past 3 years. In 2018, along with her strong team, the property saw its physical occupancy grow by over 25%, the average move in per month jumped by 11 and reviews were up a staggering 24%.  Theresa made tremendous strides in growing her personal and professional skill set. She became a leader in the community by joining several professional groups, lead a charity drive and immersed herself and her team with the local economy while building lasting relationships.  As a property manager she put best practices in property management and stewardship into play including overseeing a $100K upgrade to various exterior areas of the property and implementing strong property management practices to help drive the store.

On behalf of the PASSA Board, we are honored to present the 2019 PASSA Manager of the Year to Theresa Bahnemann, STORExpress of Murrysville.



Watch our 2019 Manager of the Year video HERE



















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